We develop open-source-free-design hardware and software for robotic drives and thus want to promote the many small robotics projects worldwide and stimulate the creativity of developers, researchers and hobbyists through cost-effective and modification-friendly hardware and make them a little more independent from existing industrial solutions. We have our roots in university robotics research and the maker scene and we want to make our developments accessible to robotics enthusiasts worldwide.

Robots and AI are finding their way into our everyday lives. We believe that development can be beneficial and safe for humanity – if the underlying technology is free of the interests of the few and placed in the hands of researchers and developers worldwide. For this, free hardware designs are crucial, because they strengthen the freedom of users and give them back control of their hardware. With free hardware designs, machines can finally be repaired and modified again. We want to contribute to the democratization of robotics by developing a completely free hardware design and software for robotic drives

The goal of our project is to enable users to turn simple motors into SmartServos and thus make them suitable for any robotics task. For this we have developed a board that is compatible with numerous DC motors and can be connected with minimal effort. It provides users with rich sensory feedback from the engine (angle, temperature, current, voltage) and a variety of control modes that provide precise position, speed and torque control.

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